raised garden bed with fence

Are you looking for fun activities and projects to fill your summer days? Look around your house, and you will find a few things that can keep you busy this summer. And if you want to take your garden to a whole new level, why don’t you consider building a few raised garden beds to […]

raised garden bed with trellis

A raised garden bed with trellis is a great idea because it is extremely practical and easy to do. And the best thing about building one is that it is customizable. With some chicken wire and a few stakes, you can make your own raised garden bed with trellis in less than an hour. You […]

raised garden bed Costco reviews

Starting your raised garden bed journey can be a bit confusing especially with the various choices of raised garden bed options. Yes, you can make one from scratch. However, if you do not have much time, you can always resort to choosing a raised garden bed at Costco. There are other places where raised garden […]

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas

If you are one of those people who love gardening and are interested in trying raised garden beds, then you might be resorting to the use of inexpensive ones that will match your budget. One thing that you should know about raised beds is that, unlike in-ground garden, plants in this type of garden box […]

raised garden bed canadian tire review

Raised garden beds have their pros and cons, but more people are trying to get their hands in these, especially new gardeners. One of the main reasons why many are interested in it is the fact that can turn your garden into a well-organized and well-designed one. It defines space and at the same time […]

why your garden needs a stone raised bed: pros and cons

A stone raised bed garden is a beautiful addition to any yard. They are often used as ornamental features in the landscape, but they can also be very functional. Stone gardens have been around for centuries and provide many benefits that other types of gardens do not offer. reasons why you should choose stone raised […]

is corrugated metal safe for raised garden beds?

Among the popular building materials used nowadays for making a raised garden bed is corrugated metal or galvanized metal. Aside from the sturdy structure that can be created from this material, it is also a popular option among beginners in gardening because it gives a unique look in the garden.  If you are interested in trying […]

no dig raised garden bed

Everyone would agree that gardening would be more fun and less backbreaking if not for all the digging needed. However, it may surprise you that digging is not an important part of gardening!  You may ask, why did people make it a habit to dig gardens? Well, it is because of traditional practices. Back in the old days, people treated their gardens […]

the beauty of painted raised garden bed

The use of untreated lumber building a raised garden bed is considered a gold standard a vegetable gardening, environmentalism, and health. Lately, more gardeners are staining or painting the raised beds.  Some are making the garden beds more beautiful and attractive one of their backup projects, especially when they used untreated wood for the raised garden beds.   Wood is known as a very […]

can I paint my raised garden bed?

Do you enjoy seeing a colourful garden? Most people think of gardens as colourful and attractive parts of their home. However, what happens when your gardens are out of vegetables or flowers? A garden will most probably look bare, lifeless, and colourless.  Aside from plants, there are other ways to add colour to your garden. If you are planning to build a raised garden bed, you might have considered painting it.  You might be one of […]


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