spider mites on plants: what to do?


Spider mites are among the common pests found in both outdoor plants and houseplants. Spider mite damage not only makes any plant look unattractive, but it can also kill the plant eventually. It is highly recommended that a spider mite treatment is used on an affected plant to keep it at its healthiest. If you […]

is well water good for plants?


If you are living in an industrial or agricultural area, the water source is among the important things to consider. This is necessary especially if you are trying to grow plants for personal consumption or business. You want to make sure that your plants and crops will grow healthy, strong, and will look perfect. You […]

straw bale gardening: what you need to know

straw_bale_gardening_w hat_you_need_to_know

Some people live in areas with soil that consists of sand or heavy clay. This type of soil can be amended but creating loamy soil will take a lot of work. Raised garden beds can be an option. For example, you can build a raised bed vegetable garden by piling up stones or boards into […]

how to add compost to soil


Many are confused with getting the most out of their compost. Yes, many know that it is good for your garden. But not everyone knows how they can use it properly that will benefit all plants in the garden and the right time to use it. This is where we can help you. We created […]