some of our best gardening apron finds


Gardening can be messy and will require you to bring tools around when tending to your plants and crops. This is when a gardening apron comes in handy. If you are a garden enthusiast trying to look for the best gardening aprons, then we have gathered some of the best gardening aprons that will suit […]

mens gardening shoes: best options for both quality and comfort


If you are planning to go out of the garden regularly, you might want to replace your flip-flops or trainers with a good pair of gardening shoes. Make sure that you consider getting a pair made of waterproof materials, that has comfortable insoles and is designed with slip-resistant soles. Keep in mind that in choosing […]

how to get rid of ants in garden beds


There are various garden pests that you may encounter as a gardener, and ants are among the pests that you might see in your garden beds. Well, their presence may seem bothersome to you but, you should know that their presence has both positive and negative factors in your garden. As other gardeners might say, […]