the ultimate guide to DIY raised garden bed plans


Many people love being able to grow their food, but not everyone has the experience or skills needed to create a raised garden bed. Luckily, with these DIY raised garden bed plans, you can have one of your own. You must know exactly what you want and what you plan on planting before trying to […]

corner raised garden bed


Do the corners of your garden look bare and want to make use of the space for gardening? Then it is about time that you search for ideas when building corner raised garden beds. Like many other things in life, not all corner raised garden beds are made equal. Many people have used scrap wood […]

Walmart raised garden bed review


If you want to save some money when building your raised garden bed, Walmart is a suitable place to find diverse options both sold in-store and sold online. This allows you to stretch your budget and spend the extra cash on plants or add another raised bed for growing vegetables. You can add so much […]

patio raised garden bed


If you are dreaming of having homegrown flowers, vegetables, and herbs, but only have your patio as a free space, then you should search for patio raised bed garden inspirations. Raised garden beds allow you to plant and grow any crops whether you have a good-sized yard or have a limited area like your patio. […]

modern raised garden bed


Raised garden beds are great to get your green thumb into gardening. They are relatively easy to build and maintain, making them the perfect choice for DIYers that do not want to spend too much time working in their gardens. Most parts can be bought at any local hardware store for a reasonable price. There […]

what to put on bottom of raised garden bed?


If you are considering building raised garden beds, then you should plan to put something underneath. Not only will it provide adequate drainage, but it will also protect your choice of potting soil mix from the direct heat of the sun and resist weed growth. materials you can put on the bottom of raised garden […]