no dig raised garden bed


Everyone would agree that gardening would be more fun and less backbreaking if not for all the digging needed. However, it may surprise you that digging is not an important part of gardening!  You may ask, why did people make it a habit to dig gardens? Well, it is because of traditional practices. Back in the old days, people treated their gardens […]

the beauty of painted raised garden bed


The use of untreated lumber building a raised garden bed is considered a gold standard a vegetable gardening, environmentalism, and health. Lately, more gardeners are staining or painting the raised beds.  Some are making the garden beds more beautiful and attractive one of their backup projects, especially when they used untreated wood for the raised garden beds.   Wood is known as a very […]

can I paint my raised garden bed?


Do you enjoy seeing a colourful garden? Most people think of gardens as colourful and attractive parts of their home. However, what happens when your gardens are out of vegetables or flowers? A garden will most probably look bare, lifeless, and colourless.  Aside from plants, there are other ways to add colour to your garden. If you are planning to build a raised garden bed, you might have considered painting it.  You might be one of […]

average raised garden bed size


There are several factors that you must consider as you figure out the size of your raised garden beds as you build it. Some of these factors include space limitations, soil conditions, and the physical comfort of one’s gardening.  When searching for the average size of a raised bed for your vegetable garden, there are various sizes that you may consider. There is no […]

using pallets to make raised garden beds


Reusing wooden pallets has now become a trend when it comes to building raised garden beds. It has become more popular especially for gardeners who are short and budget or just starting.   Though it is gained popularity, there are a few things you should consider before building a raised garden bed. Whether you are building a temporary garden bed or a […]

what to know about raised garden beds?


Gardening alternatives are now getting popular and one of the convenient options you can try is building a raised garden bed. It comes with a lot of advantages when it comes to both gardening and improving the productivity of your garden.  Aside from these, what are things that you should know more about these garden beds? […]

redwood raised garden bed


Constructing redwood raised garden beds offers a lot of benefits such as natural resistance to decay and insects. Redwood is a safe alternative to plastic or chemically treated materials. It is also durable, rot-resistant, and easy to work with.   Heart-grade redwood is denser than common construction redwood, so it is more durable. Due to redwood’s resistance to termites, water, and […]

metal vs. wood raised garden beds: which one is better?


Raised garden beds are continuously getting popular as more people are turning back to nature for safe, cheap, reliable, and healthy food. Also, with popularity comes innovative ideas in building these garden beds.  When it comes to raised beds, various building materials can be used by both beginner and long-time gardeners. However, not all materials are suitable for every garden bed you make. Some can end […]

2×6 raised garden bed


Raised bed gardens are perfect not only for long-time gardeners but also for beginners. It offers a lot of benefits not only in terms of convenience but also in terms of higher yields. As a beginner, you can always start with one of the basic sizes, which is the 2×6 raised bed.  This is just the right size and […]

what is the advantage of raised garden beds?


If you are one of those people who are planning to build your vegetable garden, you may have come across the options of building a raised bed or just the usual in-ground garden. For beginners, most gardeners would recommend building raised garden beds as it comes with a lot of advantages.  Raised beds are planting crops in a fixed area of soil at a higher ground level. Your plants will all […]