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modern raised garden bed

Raised garden beds are great to get your green thumb into gardening. They are relatively easy to build and maintain, making them the perfect choice for DIYers that do not want to spend too much time working in their gardens. Most parts can be bought at any local hardware store for a reasonable price. There […]

what to put on bottom of raised garden bed?

If you are considering building raised garden beds, then you should plan to put something underneath. Not only will it provide adequate drainage, but it will also protect your choice of potting soil mix from the direct heat of the sun and resist weed growth. materials you can put on the bottom of raised garden […]

raised garden bed with fence

Are you looking for fun activities and projects to fill your summer days? Look around your house, and you will find a few things that can keep you busy this summer. And if you want to take your garden to a whole new level, why don’t you consider building a few raised garden beds to […]

raised garden bed with trellis

A raised garden bed with trellis is a great idea because it is extremely practical and easy to do. And the best thing about building one is that it is customizable. With some chicken wire and a few stakes, you can make your own raised garden bed with trellis in less than an hour. You […]

raised garden bed Costco reviews

Starting your raised garden bed journey can be a bit confusing especially with the various choices of raised garden bed options. Yes, you can make one from scratch. However, if you do not have much time, you can always resort to choosing a raised garden bed at Costco. There are other places where raised garden […]

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas

If you are one of those people who love gardening and are interested in trying raised garden beds, then you might be resorting to the use of inexpensive ones that will match your budget. One thing that you should know about raised beds is that, unlike in-ground garden, plants in this type of garden box […]

raised garden bed canadian tire review

Raised garden beds have their pros and cons, but more people are trying to get their hands in these, especially new gardeners. One of the main reasons why many are interested in it is the fact that can turn your garden into a well-organized and well-designed one. It defines space and at the same time […]

why your garden needs a stone raised bed: pros and cons

A stone raised bed garden is a beautiful addition to any yard. They are often used as ornamental features in the landscape, but they can also be very functional. Stone gardens have been around for centuries and provide many benefits that other types of gardens do not offer. reasons why you should choose stone raised […]

is corrugated metal safe for raised garden beds?

Among the popular building materials used nowadays for making a raised garden bed is corrugated metal or galvanized metal. Aside from the sturdy structure that can be created from this material, it is also a popular option among beginners in gardening because it gives a unique look in the garden.  If you are interested in trying […]

no dig raised garden bed

Everyone would agree that gardening would be more fun and less backbreaking if not for all the digging needed. However, it may surprise you that digging is not an important part of gardening!  You may ask, why did people make it a habit to dig gardens? Well, it is because of traditional practices. Back in the old days, people treated their gardens […]

the beauty of painted raised garden bed

The use of untreated lumber building a raised garden bed is considered a gold standard a vegetable gardening, environmentalism, and health. Lately, more gardeners are staining or painting the raised beds.  Some are making the garden beds more beautiful and attractive one of their backup projects, especially when they used untreated wood for the raised garden beds.   Wood is known as a very […]

can I paint my raised garden bed?

Do you enjoy seeing a colourful garden? Most people think of gardens as colourful and attractive parts of their home. However, what happens when your gardens are out of vegetables or flowers? A garden will most probably look bare, lifeless, and colourless.  Aside from plants, there are other ways to add colour to your garden. If you are planning to build a raised garden bed, you might have considered painting it.  You might be one of […]

average raised garden bed size

There are several factors that you must consider as you figure out the size of your raised garden beds as you build it. Some of these factors include space limitations, soil conditions, and the physical comfort of one’s gardening.  When searching for the average size of a raised bed for your vegetable garden, there are various sizes that you may consider. There is no […]

using pallets to make raised garden beds

Reusing wooden pallets has now become a trend when it comes to building raised garden beds. It has become more popular especially for gardeners who are short and budget or just starting.   Though it is gained popularity, there are a few things you should consider before building a raised garden bed. Whether you are building a temporary garden bed or a […]

what to know about raised garden beds?

Gardening alternatives are now getting popular and one of the convenient options you can try is building a raised garden bed. It comes with a lot of advantages when it comes to both gardening and improving the productivity of your garden.  Aside from these, what are things that you should know more about these garden beds? […]

redwood raised garden bed

Constructing redwood raised garden beds offers a lot of benefits such as natural resistance to decay and insects. Redwood is a safe alternative to plastic or chemically treated materials. It is also durable, rot-resistant, and easy to work with.   Heart-grade redwood is denser than common construction redwood, so it is more durable. Due to redwood’s resistance to termites, water, and […]

metal vs. wood raised garden beds: which one is better?

Raised garden beds are continuously getting popular as more people are turning back to nature for safe, cheap, reliable, and healthy food. Also, with popularity comes innovative ideas in building these garden beds.  When it comes to raised beds, various building materials can be used by both beginner and long-time gardeners. However, not all materials are suitable for every garden bed you make. Some can end […]

2×6 raised garden bed

Raised bed gardens are perfect not only for long-time gardeners but also for beginners. It offers a lot of benefits not only in terms of convenience but also in terms of higher yields. As a beginner, you can always start with one of the basic sizes, which is the 2×6 raised bed.  This is just the right size and […]

what is the advantage of raised garden beds?

If you are one of those people who are planning to build your vegetable garden, you may have come across the options of building a raised bed or just the usual in-ground garden. For beginners, most gardeners would recommend building raised garden beds as it comes with a lot of advantages.  Raised beds are planting crops in a fixed area of soil at a higher ground level. Your plants will all […]

can you use pine for raised garden beds?

Raised garden beds are easy to build and maintain. You just need to plan everything that you must do to make the bed last for years and continue growing crops. Start gardening in raised beds by choosing the materials for building the garden first.  The most common material used for these beds is wood. There are a lot of hardwood options but if you are going […]

unique raised garden beds

Raised beds allow you to grow plants in a soil that is higher than the ground. Aside from the usual garden boxes, you can always incorporate unique raised garden beds that will make your garden more interesting. When creating your DIY garden, you get the chance of choosing the garden design that you want. You […]

what to put in a raised garden bed

Before you can plant on a raised garden bed, there are a couple of things that you should prepare to get started. Aside from building the bed, you may be thinking about what to put in a raised garden bed.  When you finished building your garden bed, the next thing that you should do is start putting […]

u shaped raised garden bed

Among the popular designs that are easily accessible at any point when gardening is building a u-shaped raised garden bed. It makes the task of tending to your garden easier since you can easily move around and make sure to give all plants attention.  Unlike a rectangular shaped raised bed, this alternative will need less effort in reaching across the […]

metal and wood raised garden beds

There are various materials that you can use when building your raised garden beds. Among the popular ones nowadays is the combination of metal and wood. It is a contemporary style for your garden unlike the usual wood garden beds you’ll see elsewhere.  why opt for wood and metal raised garden bed?  For many, the combination of metal […]

what to plant in a 4×4 raised garden bed

For some people, a 4×4 raised garden bed may seem small. However, you can maximize the production of various crops in a small space with the proper application of the principles in square foot gardening.   Following this method, you have to divide the garden bed into 12 inches or 1-foot squares. Each square will hold a different plant.  Spacing requirements should still be followed but you […]

log raised garden bed

A raised garden bed is an ideal solution for those with shallow soil and wants to plant. Raised beds are usually made of wood lumber, stone, durable fabric, bricks, galvanized metal, cinder blocks, concrete, and logs.   One of the best things about a log raised garden bed is that it gives you better control over the quality, texture, and condition […]

what to plant in a raised garden bed

As you are preparing your raised bed, you must also start to think about what to plant in a raised garden bed. You’ll have to consider what you want to plant since it will also be a factor to consider when you are still building your garden and filling it with soil.  A basic rule of thumb when it comes […]

how tall should a raised garden bed be

Aside from the length and width of raised garden beds, it is also important that you also consider how tall should a raised garden bed be. There are certain factors that you must consider thinking about to determine the height of your raised beds.  There’s a standard measurement needed for the height of your raised bed. However, considering important aspects when gardening, […]

best size for raised garden beds

There is no best size for raised garden beds, but you should have some ideas in mind on the size of the beds if you’re planning to build them. You can put the bed anywhere in your backyard as long as it can get at least eight hours of sunlight.  For starters, you should learn first the standard size of traditional rectangular raised […]

how to plant a raised garden bed

Raised bed gardening has been a popular way of growing vegetables and even flowers. This is a common practice done by those with a small space but wants to build a vegetable garden. Also, it is highly recommended for those without a source of good soil and has poor drainage for their plants.  Unlike regular gardening, raised bed gardening is […]

concrete block raised garden bed design inspirations that you can try

Planning to build a raised garden is interesting especially when you use concrete blocks. Using concrete or cinder blocks in bed gardening allows you to be more creative to make your garden look more attractive while being productive.  This DIY garden is more fun to do whether you are planning to make raised flower gardens or raised […]

is it possible to create a concrete block raised garden bed?

When it comes to the lack of gardening spaces, building your raised garden beds is among the most convenient solutions you can choose. Some use treated lumber, others use hardwood, and some build a concrete block raised garden bed.  Raised gardens are popular among gardeners with limited gardening space because these are cost-efficient, require less work, and enable gardeners to grow a […]

how to start a raised garden bed

If you’re into gardening but hesitates to start due to lack of space, then you should learn how to start a raised garden bed and build a raised garden in your limited space. A raised garden gives you almost the same benefits of organic gardens, but with less work and worry.  how to start a raised bed garden: choose your raised bed, location, and overall set-up  Some of […]

using pressure treated wood for raised garden beds

In the past, many gardeners are using pressure treated wood for raised garden beds. However, the EPA or Environmental Protection Agency banned the sale and use of Chromated Copper Arsenate or CCA treated wood. This is specifically for residential use.  Since these are treated with the chemical arsenic, treated wood products are prohibited to be used for home gardens. When used, the toxic […]

what is the best wood for raised garden bed

Raised garden beds are containers that are usually made from wood. Finding the best wood for raised garden beds is one way to determine how safe, sustainable, and long-lasting the beds will become.   Among the popular options to build raised garden beds is cedarwood. There are also a few alternatives that you can use, but there are a couple of considerations that you should keep […]

how deep does a raised garden bed need to be

There are a lot of good reasons why you should add raised garden beds to landscapes or fruit and vegetable gardens. Raised beds are great solutions for poor soil conditions like compacted, clay, chalky, or rocky soil.   They also address limited space in gardens and add texture and height to flat yards. They even help […]

how to make the best garden soil for raised beds

Healthy and good soil is an essential component for the success of a garden. Through developing a permanent garden layout where walking paths and raised beds in place year after year, you will be able to keep soil compaction at a minimum and enjoy having an easy to maintain and healthy garden you will be […]

raised bed soil vs. garden soil

If you are a full-fledged gardener through and through, you will surely agree that raised bed, gardening is the real game-changer. And if you are just getting started with using them, you might be wondering why you didn’t make the switch right away.    There are so many things that raised beds have to offer. For starters, you […]

raised garden bed soil mixture

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