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spider mites on plants: what to do?

Spider mites are among the common pests found in both outdoor plants and houseplants. Spider mite damage not only makes any plant look unattractive, but it can also kill the plant eventually. It is highly recommended that a spider mite treatment is used on an affected plant to keep it at its healthiest. If you […]

is well water good for plants?

If you are living in an industrial or agricultural area, the water source is among the important things to consider. This is necessary especially if you are trying to grow plants for personal consumption or business. You want to make sure that your plants and crops will grow healthy, strong, and will look perfect. You […]

straw bale gardening: what you need to know

Some people live in areas with soil that consists of sand or heavy clay. This type of soil can be amended but creating loamy soil will take a lot of work. Raised garden beds can be an option. For example, you can build a raised bed vegetable garden by piling up stones or boards into […]

how to add compost to soil

Many are confused with getting the most out of their compost. Yes, many know that it is good for your garden. But not everyone knows how they can use it properly that will benefit all plants in the garden and the right time to use it. This is where we can help you. We created […]

how do I get rid of little bugs on my hibiscus?

If you can identify the pest on your hibiscus plant, it will be easier to protect this flower from unwanted guests. These pests can cause significant damage to your plants, so you need to remove them immediately. bugs and insects that usually infest hibiscus flowers Some of the most common insects that infest hibiscus or […]

Dawn dish soap insecticide recipe, does it work?

Spider mites, aphids, whiteflies, and various soft-bodied pests are among the common insects that can make great damage to your garden. Though there are a lot of insecticides and fogs that you can use to kill garden pests on contact, most of these contain chemicals that you cannot use on plants. One of the go-to […]

gardening cleanup tips

Spring is here, so it’s time to clean your garden. You want to remove all the autumn leaves, spent perennial stems, and dead plants collected in your garden or flower bed as soon as possible, but don’t bolt outside with your favorite rake and clippers right away. There are a few things that you need […]

tomato companion plants

If you are growing a vegetable garden, one way to make your plants thrive is by trying companion planting. This is focused on attracting beneficial insects or the natural predators of garden pest species like caterpillars and aphids. It also encourages growth and improves the overall health of plants. It balances making the most out […]

best raised bed gardening book to guide you in building garden beds

Raised bed vegetable gardening is an interactive and fun way of connecting with all the food you eat. Starting from sowing small seeds and watching these plants form stems as well as leaves while they grow into mature plants. Though this form of gardening can be simple, there are still a lot of things that […]

things to keep in mind during late summer gardening

Late summer tends to make vegetable gardeners feel drained by all the watering and weeding routine and are ready to put a rest to the garden. It is believed that some of the most productive gardens happen in fall because gardeners tend to plant vegetables in late summer and these all grow in the cool […]

best vegetable gardening books

Beginners in gardening may think of planting and growing crops seem like a tedious task. This is a common way of thinking especially for those who do not have any background in this field. However, thanks to many experienced gardeners, there are a lot of best vegetable gardening books from which you can choose. These […]

growing tomatoes in Arizona: how to grow tomatoes in low desert areas

Some may assume that growing tomatoes is somehow overwhelming, this is true especially when you think of growing tomatoes in Arizona, a low desert area. One of the many reasons why people are starting their gardens is the taste of homegrown tomatoes. It is said that in the United States alone, more gardeners are growing […]

urban gardening Phoenix

Urban gardening allows people to grow their own food around urban areas. Because of urbanization, this practice is now considered a successful alternative as more people are getting into farming wherever they are staying. It is indeed a change from the usual beliefs that the cultivation of crops is only possible in rural areas. Urban […]

best vegetables grown in Arizona

A low desert region, Arizona is known for its temperature that oftentimes goes more than 104 °F to 107 °F. This temperature range is considered not ideal when growing vegetables. However, the hot summer in Arizona should not stop you from creating a vegetable garden. We will provide various vegetables you can plant in your […]

raised bed gardening in Arizona

Arizona’s extreme climate conditions place a lot of stress on plants. Hot temperatures during summer and low humidity can make gardening challenging in Arizona. But you do not need to worry because it is not completely impossible. For example, you can deal with the harsh weather conditions by providing extra water and shade to plants. […]

raised bed vegetable gardening for beginners

Garden-fresh foods are known for their amazingly juicy and sweet flavors and vibrant textures. Nothing can compare to fresh vegetables, especially when you grow them in your home and with your efforts. Among the most satisfying things in life is growing your own food. This allows you to not eat any non-organic vegetables and save […]

use these spring gardening tips for a beautiful garden year-round

Spring is considered the most active season for gardening. It is the time when most gardeners use the pent-up energy they have gathered over the winter. This is the time when you can head outdoors and start cleaning out, preparing your garden beds, repairing the hardscaping, and doing some moving and pruning to get a […]

best gardening tool belt you can find this 2022

Small hand tools come in handy when you’re gardening. However, these tools are easy to misplace due to their small size. You may not even find them until you use a lawnmower to trim the grass. Consider using a garden tool belt to avoid losing your gardening tools. why get a gardening tool belt? A […]

some of our best gardening apron finds

Gardening can be messy and will require you to bring tools around when tending to your plants and crops. This is when a gardening apron comes in handy. If you are a garden enthusiast trying to look for the best gardening aprons, then we have gathered some of the best gardening aprons that will suit […]

mens gardening shoes: best options for both quality and comfort

If you are planning to go out of the garden regularly, you might want to replace your flip-flops or trainers with a good pair of gardening shoes. Make sure that you consider getting a pair made of waterproof materials, that has comfortable insoles and is designed with slip-resistant soles. Keep in mind that in choosing […]

how to get rid of ants in garden beds

There are various garden pests that you may encounter as a gardener, and ants are among the pests that you might see in your garden beds. Well, their presence may seem bothersome to you but, you should know that their presence has both positive and negative factors in your garden. As other gardeners might say, […]

do elevated garden beds need drainage

Proper drainage prevents pooling water and root rot. Gardening pots usually have drainage holes but raised garden beds need certain drainage materials to improve plant growth. Thus, elevated raised garden beds make an excellent addition to your garden. Raised bed gardening can help control soil quality, separate different beds, and improve your garden’s curb appeal. […]

waist high raised garden bed plans

Among the things that you can add to your garden that will surely stand out are waist high raised garden beds. There are many reasons why these beds are added to many gardens and why gardeners are choosing to add this to their already beautiful garden. Some of the reasons are: ·         An elevated garden […]

birdies garden beds: trusted brand for quality raised garden beds

Birdies is a well-recognized name as the top and original manufacturer of quality raised garden beds in Australia. The company has been leading in the industry for more than 13 years and offers only the highest-quality and longest-lasting metal raised garden beds. In addition to that, they also offer the most configuration options, colours, and […]

things to know when planning a shade garden

Healthy shade plants can turn any garden into soothing sanctuaries. This is an interesting sight, especially during warm summer days. Shade gardens tend to transform any garden into something cool and refreshing to look at. However, shade gardening requires extra planning. The limited sun may be challenging in growing certain plants, but it can offer […]

top-rated Amazon raised garden beds you can try as a beginner

For beginners in raised bed gardening, choosing the right raised beds can be a challenge. There are various kits that you can find. If you are one of these beginners, one of the trusted places where you can find quality raised beds is top rated raised beds in Amazon that you can try To […]

4 x 4 garden plan: easy and lasting 4×4 garden plans for any space

You can either buy raised garden beds or build one. Having a raised garden bed in your backyard or new house offers many benefits regardless of your choice. A raised bed garden can be made from different materials such as rot-resistant woods, recycled plastic, fabric, and concrete blocks. Apart from their aesthetic appeal, raised garden […]

what to do with raised garden beds in winter

Once the gardening season ends, you might get distracted completely from cleaning up before winter. Preparing your raised garden for the winter or winterizing it as some long-time gardeners would call it is a crucial part of the annual cycle in backyard gardens. This will also prepare your garden for the next season even when […]

free garden planning template options for beginners

If you are a beginner in gardening, using a garden planner will help you plan your garden’s layout as well as the contents. It is one way of staying organized and getting rid of other things that should not be in your garden. why use a garden planning template? Most beginners would agree that starting […]

preparing garden for winter

Once the fall season starts, the activities in your garden will be slower than they used to be. The activities in your garden will depend mainly on your location. Many perennials may still be blushing with colours or slowly starting to drop their leaves. Most annual plants are almost at the end of their lifespan. […]

the ultimate guide to DIY raised garden bed plans

Many people love being able to grow their food, but not everyone has the experience or skills needed to create a raised garden bed. Luckily, with these DIY raised garden bed plans, you can have one of your own. You must know exactly what you want and what you plan on planting before trying to […]

corner raised garden bed

Do the corners of your garden look bare and want to make use of the space for gardening? Then it is about time that you search for ideas when building corner raised garden beds. Like many other things in life, not all corner raised garden beds are made equal. Many people have used scrap wood […]

Walmart raised garden bed review

If you want to save some money when building your raised garden bed, Walmart is a suitable place to find diverse options both sold in-store and sold online. This allows you to stretch your budget and spend the extra cash on plants or add another raised bed for growing vegetables. You can add so much […]

patio raised garden bed

If you are dreaming of having homegrown flowers, vegetables, and herbs, but only have your patio as a free space, then you should search for patio raised bed garden inspirations. Raised garden beds allow you to plant and grow any crops whether you have a good-sized yard or have a limited area like your patio. […]

modern raised garden bed

Raised garden beds are great to get your green thumb into gardening. They are relatively easy to build and maintain, making them the perfect choice for DIYers that do not want to spend too much time working in their gardens. Most parts can be bought at any local hardware store for a reasonable price. There […]

what to put on bottom of raised garden bed?

If you are considering building raised garden beds, then you should plan to put something underneath. Not only will it provide adequate drainage, but it will also protect your choice of potting soil mix from the direct heat of the sun and resist weed growth. materials you can put on the bottom of raised garden […]

raised garden bed with fence

Are you looking for fun activities and projects to fill your summer days? Look around your house, and you will find a few things that can keep you busy this summer. And if you want to take your garden to a whole new level, why don’t you consider building a few raised garden beds to […]

raised garden bed with trellis

A raised garden bed with trellis is a great idea because it is extremely practical and easy to do. And the best thing about building one is that it is customizable. With some chicken wire and a few stakes, you can make your own raised garden bed with trellis in less than an hour. You […]

raised garden bed Costco reviews

Starting your raised garden bed journey can be a bit confusing especially with the various choices of raised garden bed options. Yes, you can make one from scratch. However, if you do not have much time, you can always resort to choosing a raised garden bed at Costco. There are other places where raised garden […]

inexpensive raised garden bed ideas

If you are one of those people who love gardening and are interested in trying raised garden beds, then you might be resorting to the use of inexpensive ones that will match your budget. One thing that you should know about raised beds is that, unlike in-ground garden, plants in this type of garden box […]

raised garden bed canadian tire review

Raised garden beds have their pros and cons, but more people are trying to get their hands in these, especially new gardeners. One of the main reasons why many are interested in it is the fact that can turn your garden into a well-organized and well-designed one. It defines space and at the same time […]